Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcoming Fall with open arms

Cardigan sweaters, leather boots, tweed jackets…in our eyes, there’s so much “right” about fall fashion that you can never go wrong. As the sun starts to set a little earlier and we are no longer having heat strokes just from crossing the street, it’s time to break out your favorite wardrobe. Push the boundaries by stepping out in three layers too many-it’s OK, just peal them off as the day goes on. Most of you can agree that this is the “feel good” time of year and we have those fall favorites that we debut year after year; for us, it’s a pair of brown leather boots two years past their prime and the most comfortable pair of jeans known to man that we just refuse to let go of until the legs fall off. Spice up your fall “uniform” with pieces from this year’s trends. We’ll be discussing and sharing trend alerts all season long so stay tuned!

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