Monday, February 28, 2011

The Denim Shirt

It’s probably a known fact somewhere that the denim shirt has been around since the history of clothing! Let us show you how to take this staple and style it in 3 different and amazing ways. Grab some tips while you can, doesn’t look like The Denim Shirt will be going anywhere soon.

(116538R, $65)

Here we have, The Denim Shirt. Doesn’t look like much now, but wait….
The Classic Look:
Never, and we mean….NEVER, wear denim on denim unless you are a cowboy out west or you pair it with a great pair of white denim! White on denim is a classic look and you can always spruce up the ye ol faithful look with some amazing jewelry and/or a fun scarf.

(From left to right: ALYW, $75; J25081, $19)
The Pretty Look:
It’s not winter, but it’s definitely not spring; these fickle weather days are the perfect conditions for The Denim Shirt. Layer it over your spring dresses to give dimension and add a little warmth on those not quite cold but not yet warm days!

(From left to right: D10031, $55, T2038, $18)

The Sporty Look:
Tuck in and go! That’s all ladies, can’t get much easier than that and it looks great together (add a belt if you’re feeling edgy)!

(From left to right: PS10150A, $39; T2038, $39)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Early Spring Lookbook

Midtown's Spring Romance:
Try out the new sexy color for spring, Nude, and be effortlessly beautiful on your next date.
(From left to right: 9802G $18; ID61228 $69; A292 $52; W8159 $22)

Sunday Brunch in East Cobb:
A new take on your Sunday’s best! The pretty paisley print is just screaming patio time, French toast, and live music!

(From left to right: IT5143 $52; MMCSW0262 $69; 1878 $26; 018 $26; W8100 $20)

Forsyth's Festival Ready Style:
Maxi lengths are here to stay and perfect for festival days! Try one in a playful print, add a nugget bag and bangles for days and of course, have some fun :)

(From left to right: ID9732 $69; IB0227 $39; J20238 $16)

Boho in Buckhead:
LA’s desert/boho style will be everyone’s go to look! Oversized and thin layers will be your best friends; not only can you spice them up with gobs of jewelry but the light weight layers will be cool in the day and great for chilly spring nights.

(From left to right: A254 $46; 1878 $26; S3498 $42; W8093 $22; TASSLE $54)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pack Light

As the temp rises (and soon, we hope!), shed those winter layers and all the heavy bags to carry them in and start packing light! Less will definitely be more this spring XOXO

We are absolutely LOVING the small packs we have in stores right now!

(Left to Right: Red IB0239 $39; Gray J20797 $55; Black 1139H $42)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Laced up and ready to go!

Lace was a huge trend for Fall and will continue to flow right into Spring ranging from gentle and girly to just down-right weird. Whatever your personal style is, add a little lace (try it in a color!) and be totally in style for Spring!
Effortless lace by Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 RTW:

Beautifully weird lace by Marchesa Spring 2011 RTW:

Celeb style:

Sage Style: