Monday, November 1, 2010

Keeping an Equal Balance

Keeping an equal balance in most aspects of our lives is extremely important, and it is no different for fashion. So many trends can become overwhelming so the main rule is; don’t over do it! Mixing too many trends in one outfit could be fashion suicide, so here are a few little tips on how to balance out the latest silhouette trends:

What NOT to do: (kidding! We know our Sagettes wouldn’t do this)

*Leather jackets: Something fun and flirty works best with the leather jacket because it’s a great contrast of soft and hard. The print and silk material of the dress doesn’t compete with the dark leather. Add a clutch and some heeled booties and you’re good to go

*Leggings: Keep a balance of fitted and loose when trying out the legging trend. Pair with longer tops that fall below your rear to provide enough coverage so you will feel comfortable. Add a layer with an oversized or chunky sweater to equal out the silhouette (if you opt for a chunky sweater for layering, keep unbuttoned if possible so you don’t get swallowed up by the fabric).

*Oversized tops: Similar rule to the leggings…you will want to keep an equal balance of fitted and loose. Let the flowy tops hang over skinny jeans or leggings, or tuck into a fitted skirt.

*Wide-leg pants: Let the pants be the star of the show and down-play the rest of your outfit. A Fitted top tucked in and layered with a thin cardigan is your best bet. Add a platform heel to lengthen and show off the silhouette.

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