Monday, February 28, 2011

The Denim Shirt

It’s probably a known fact somewhere that the denim shirt has been around since the history of clothing! Let us show you how to take this staple and style it in 3 different and amazing ways. Grab some tips while you can, doesn’t look like The Denim Shirt will be going anywhere soon.

(116538R, $65)

Here we have, The Denim Shirt. Doesn’t look like much now, but wait….
The Classic Look:
Never, and we mean….NEVER, wear denim on denim unless you are a cowboy out west or you pair it with a great pair of white denim! White on denim is a classic look and you can always spruce up the ye ol faithful look with some amazing jewelry and/or a fun scarf.

(From left to right: ALYW, $75; J25081, $19)
The Pretty Look:
It’s not winter, but it’s definitely not spring; these fickle weather days are the perfect conditions for The Denim Shirt. Layer it over your spring dresses to give dimension and add a little warmth on those not quite cold but not yet warm days!

(From left to right: D10031, $55, T2038, $18)

The Sporty Look:
Tuck in and go! That’s all ladies, can’t get much easier than that and it looks great together (add a belt if you’re feeling edgy)!

(From left to right: PS10150A, $39; T2038, $39)


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