Monday, April 18, 2011

In Print

We stalked out the runways and picked out the hottest prints for the season! Florals, stripes, aztec, new age prints…we have them all!

Neon Retro:

As we all know by now, the 70’s are huge for summer, so jump on board while you can!

Runway look:

Sage Pick:

(Skirt: #S3217 $49; strapless slip: #NS4011TB $24; Isobel turquoise cross necklace: #S1017T $88; Gem stone necklace: #10873N $39)

This skirt is amazing; a little sheer, a little neon…it’s everything that you need. We especially love it with a simple strapless top, an amazing belt (duh), and some fun jewels!

All Mixed Up:

We can mix it up with the best of 'em! We love the colors of the runway prints, but we might have to just stick to what works; keeping the prints simple, use soft colors, and try breaking them up with a belt! (we LOVE belts, can you tell?? ;))

Runway look:

Sage Pick:

(Shorts: #PS8971Q $39; Top: #T1043 $35; Belt: #J25072 $24; Necklace: #10782 $60)

Some of our favorite prints of the week featuring our Buckhead manager, Danielle (do you see the Free People shorts she has on???…do you die? Because we….DIE!!!

(On Danielle: Shorts #F687P393 $68, Top #T10298C $42; On mannequinn: Top #T3437 $49, Linen Shorts #PT197 $42)

And last, but certainly not least, some amazing prints that didn't make the style guide, but we still LOVE! Come and get 'em ladies, we'll see you soon! XOXO

(From left to right: #X2267 $45; #F418U476 $78; #42B052SU $45; #X4131CM22 $69; #T10340A $39)

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