Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Miss Me Denim

Miss Me launched their first collection in the Spring of 2001 – with the single purpose to dress the modern girl who was no longer definable, but multi-dimensional in character and style. With this newfound recognition and appreciation, Miss Me designs to style for those who hold a multitude of personas, passions and cultures. Miss Me has grown to be everyone’s favorite piece in the closet, never compromising comfort for style, and Miss Me Jeans claims fame for its impeccable fit and flattering cut.

Established as the American fashion brand, Miss Me celebrates innovation and quality with young contemporary price points. The line has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Life and Style and Teen Vogue among others and has been worn by Miley Cyrus, Mischa Barton, Lindsay Lohan and Beyonce Knowles among others. Miss Me can be found worldwide at select retailers all throughout Europe, Latin America, Japan, and the US.

Miss Me denim is by far one of our best selling denim lines. Here are a few of our favorite styles that we currently have, as well as a sneak peek at lots of amazing styles that will be in stores this April and May.

Crystal Flap Skirt, $89

Flap Pocket Shorts, $89

Embroidered Floral Shorts, $89

White Flap Pocket Shorts, $89

Embroidered Scalloped Pattern Bermuda, $89

White Capri $89, White Boot $99, White Angel Boot $99, White Flap Boot $99

Embroidered Boot, $99

Peace Flare, $99

Here are some great new styles that will be arriving in stores over the next few months. :)

Thank you to everyone who attended our Miss Me trunk show at our Forsyth location last Saturday. It was a huge success! Don’t forget to check out our website for all things Miss Me.

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