Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Party Do's and Don'ts

Holiday season has arrived which means lots of holiday parties. Here's a list of do's and dont's to keep in mind no matter if you are the host or the guest.

~DO stand out in the crowd
~DO NOT overdo it

Dress appropriately. For a holiday party, sequins or a fun color are imperative-just don't go overboard...

~DO make a cocktail concoction that your guests are sure to love
~DO NOT  drink so much that you forget who your guests are
When playing holiday hostess, be sure to keep the beverages plentiful-just don't overindulge.

~DO get on the dance floor even if you don't have rhythm 
~DO NOT bust out the running man, the sprinkler, or any other 80's moves
Dance like no one is watching-just don't get so crazy that everyone watches.

~DO encourage your guests to bring gifts for a Santa swap/gift exchange
~DO NOT flip out when the gift you receive is not up to your standard
Santa swaps are always a holiday hit-just don't turn into the Grinch.

Follow these few guidelines and you're sure to be a fabulous hit at any holiday party!

Happy Holidays from all your friends at Sage!!

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